Bookcases & Shelving

Bookcases & Shelving

In contemporary homes, bookshelves and shelves must fulfill two purposes: the practical part of providing storage and the trendy one of being appealing. The shelves and bookcases from West Elm KSA are stylish and practical for living rooms. They make your most priceless belongings sparkle while bringing harmony to your design.


There are several places in every room where a bookcase will suit properly. For instance, vertical bookcases appear particularly lovely in the corners of a room because they are frequently utilized as complementary pieces. Bookcases cover unused space which give it a finished appearance. On the other hand, horizontal bookcases provide plenty of shelf space for displaying books, vases, lanterns, pictures, and other items that are personally meaningful to you.


Adding shelves is another approach to optimizing a space's decorative capacity. They can fit in spots where other furniture items, such as chairs, sofas, stools, side table, coffee tables, TV stands, and media consoles cannot, offering you a space to set a beautiful vase filled with flowers, candles, candleholders, and other décor. Whether long, short, wide, or narrow, there’s no limit to what you can do with a bookshelf or several.


Shelves in the living area can serve as accent items or extra accessories. Decorative bookcases draw your attention. Large pieces of art or planters fit well on them. For instance, a long shelf has enough space for a print in the center, along with several other accessories on each side. Using two or more bookshelves stacked vertically above one another is also a technique to enhance the wall. This kind of layout offers you to have more storage capacity to fit more of your beautiful bookcases.


West elm’s bookcases and bookshelves have shapes and designs that will suit your personal preferences. If you are looking for something modern and contemporary styles, think of including touches of glass and metal. Mirrored shelves elevate elegance to new levels and go great with natural and bright lighting. If you want your space to feel rustic or industrial, use reclaimed wood. 


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